Chips And Chips: 5 Ways To Market In The High Stakes Casino That Is The App Store

The app world is a Las Vegas Casino floor, you’re playing against start ups, the people are the dealers… I’m going to teach you to count cards.

It would be easy and quite cliche, to suggest that launching an application on iOS and Android is a complex task. In all honesty it is. Just type in a few key words in an appstore search engine, scroll down to find the remnants of hours of thought, coding and hard work, initially thought to be a good idea by their inventor, to help make things easier for people, to be discarded by the public sent to the bottom of the pile, never to be downloaded. This game is high risk, there are no low stakes.

1: Meet people.

Go to shows, meetups, hackathons, but be vigilant, keep your eyes peeled, take a peek to see if you can see anyone else doing what you’re doing. People will try to keep their cards close, but you can always get an idea. You can do this through friends and family, twitter and facebook etc.

2:Make sure you app idea has a market.

It’s all very well creating the most complex card game ever conceived, but if people keep on playing poker and roulette instead, you’ll have no one to bet against and you’ll lose your money.

3: Diversify yourself from them, and be prepared for change.

As a marketer you are taught to focus on the positives, but the market is dependent on people, other companies, marketing and to some extent, though companies and gamblers alike like to hope that they aren’t; people are unpredictable, they can shuffle like a dealer switches his deck, changing the game.

4: Make sure your App doesn’t suck 

Even if you do follow these methods of app promotion, the app world is a knife edge. If the game isn’t fluid, fun or easy to understand, it will be deserted in favour of online black jack and poker.

5: Make sure you have a plan

When it comes time to win big at a casino, you raise the stakes that draws attention, it pulls people in. Raising the stakes in the app world depends on your market, but you raise the stakes in their favour, make them think they gain something out of having your app, you’ll cash out.

To do that, make links and connections, advertise effectively in areas where you know you’ll get traction, make functional memorabilia, (there are reasons why casinos brand their own chips!) and always be aware of how you can get the most out of your buck, it’s all well and good going all in when you’re holding a royal flush in a poker game, but pushing all your chips forward on a pair, will get your bluff called.

You are stepping into a highstakes casino on the San Jose strip, the pay offs could be huge. It always helps that you know simple math and how to count cards, but that never guarantees success.

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