Facebook And Business

Want to increase the visibility of your Business online, bear the following points in mind:

  • Target the right demographic audience,
  • Communicate with customers directly,
  • Personalise your web content,
  • Use the media channel to reach over 1 billion.

Well, there is an easier way to achieve all this at once – Simply use Facebook!!

Gone are the days when you thought social sites are personal, to keep in touch with your friends and couldn’t make an impact or affect your professional life.

Facebook has provided many features for ease of Business:

  1. Ads Manager – create, edit and analyse facebook ads.
  2. Measure performance of the ads using Performance metrics.
  3. Business Fan page for marketing, driving online Sales, increasing Local Sales and raising Brand Awareness.

More than 1.3 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis to connect with what matters to them.  Relevant and engaging photos, videos and links make Facebook Adverts a powerful way to find new customers and build brand loyalty and increase Brand Awareness.

As experienced Facebook advertiser Freddie Jansson said in an interview:

“A large part of companies’ potential customers are there. Therefore, in my opinion, all companies should have a Facebook page where they can interact with their customers … No other advertising channel, at least where you can communicate, can compete with those numbers.”

For all those sceptics out there, consider this – even if only one of your competitors launches a successful Fan Page, that competitor is likely to corner the market on Facebook and build a following long before you do.

The bottom line is – stake your free claim early to establish your business as the industry leader before the competition has a chance.

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