04th June 2015 – Aspiring Panda’s First Seminar

With the sun shining on a lovely summer afternoon, Aspiring Panda held their very first seminar! How to develop a social media strategy for your business.

The morning was filled with excitement and fresh coffee as colleagues prepped the office for the big event. Lovely snacks and refreshments were well arranged on the tables while notebooks, pens and other goods were neatly placed on each seat of the seminar room. The large smart tv was given a quick spritz as it sparkled over the mac that connected to it. Aspiring Panda love their technology!

As the afternoon arrived, guests started pouring in. They helped themselves to the food while getting acquainted with the friendly staff.

The seats quickly filled in the seminar room and in no time the presentation had started.

The seminar was filled with great tips and information. Guests left satisfied, commenting that it was an afternoon well spent. Aspiring Panda couldn’t have asked for more 🙂

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