The Link between Traditional & Digital Marketing

Despite ongoing changes in information technology, and technology more generally, the concepts behind attracting people to your business, and the reasons that they buy, have remained largely unchanged. This is why it is possible for companies to blend the digital and traditional marketing methods successfully.

This means that companies can use traditional marketing methods such as networking, events and trade shows to grow their business, while employing digital marketing strategies to enhance them.

This is one of the reasons that Aspiring Panda is proud to be a member of Business Networking International (BNI). BNI Icons in Harrow is a referral-networking group, part of an organisation that has chapters all over the world.

Every Tuesday we meet for breakfast in Kenton to share information about our business, and to refer business to people around the room. We integrate what we do there with our digital efforts, providing a powerful marketing mix.

Built On Trust

Whether marketing your business face-to-face or digitally, trust is one of the most important factors.

The BNI concept of “know, like, trust” for generating referrals is transferable across the different marketing disciplines. By meeting the same people every week, we can build our reputation by showcasing our portfolio, knowledge, and willingness to stand in front of the people that work with us on a weekly basis.

This is also a useful analogy for digital marketing; the website is your permanent presence that gets you found, but it is regular activity and content that builds trust with the audience and convinces them that your business is worth working with.

To build a reputation that will lead to business and referrals, you need to be doing the right things consistently.

The Digital/Traditional Balance

The right mix of marketing disciplines depends on your business and the habits of your customers, this is why we encourage every company we work with to review their marketing strategies regularly, understanding how any new activities fit with their overall strategy.

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