Why Mobile Apps Are Still Relevant To Your Business

Since their inception, the use of mobile apps for business has been evolving to reflect consumer trends and the opportunities created by advances in technology and connectivity. Apps have shifted in focus from pure ecommerce to support a number of different business processes.

With the emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’  the use of mobile apps within businesses large and small is likely to increase.

Whilst native iOS and Android apps have an important role to play, the development of web-apps is allowing businesses to harness the power of apps across the entire business without the costs of having to program an IOS and Android version of each app.

Track Business Processes

Mobile apps are increasingly allowing business owners to track and manage business processes.

This can be utilised by tracking the progress of projects, stock levels or employee/vehicle locations the information from which can be used to manage the business.

This data can be analysed and used to monitor performance, track employee performance and manage capacity. The key is finding the right data to measure and analyse within the business to make the most of the opportunities that mobile app technology creates.


Mobile apps are still relevant to e-Commerce, particularly when the app enhances the customer experience by making the buying process simpler.

We have seen apps such as Uber gain popularity by taking a long standing industry and disrupting the traditional buying behaviours of consumers. The key is to develop something that makes things as simple and as convenient as possible for the customer.

Done correctly, a mobile app can increase sales and customer loyalty by creating a new route to market that customers are drawn to.

How Does This Apply To My Business

A mobile app can be of huge benefit to a business whether it is managing business processes or in support of an e-commerce operation. However, it is important to identify how your business can utilise a mobile app to create sales or efficiencies to business processes before starting the process.

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