Some Startling 2016 iOS App Stats

We are approaching the end of the first quarter of 2016 and we thought we would reflect on that by sharing with you some incredible stats about the iOS apps in the apple store within the last 12 months.

As consumers, we are now spoilt for choice in the apple store, and the sheer scale of the platform is staggering, there are more than 1.5m apps in the Apple store (July 2015) and 725,000 that have a version native to iPads.

There were more than 100m IOS downloads last year with the most popular app of all time the Facebook app, closely followed by the Facebook messenger app, followed by YouTube, Instagram and Skype. The most popular day for app download purchases ever was the 1st of January this year when $144m was spent in the app store, users can be said to be app mad with each user averaging 80 apps per IOS device, with an average of $4.16 per app. However, not all apps that are uploaded and even downloaded have a successful life. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 apps that are downloaded are only used once.

Apple has worldwide appeal with IOS apps downloaded in huge numbers across the world. Last year, China overtook the USA for the number of app downloads and this is likely to continue as the Chinese market continues to develop rapidly. However, you should not take every review on its merits with 55% of app store reviews are thought to be fake.

The app store is also a huge job creator with estimates that more than half a million jobs have been created in the United States alone, primarily around the development and upkeep of apps within the platform.

Finally, a music fact, although not everyone wanted to have a free U2 album, more than 33m people did end up listening to it using itunes.

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