The Challenge Of Digital Transformation For Small Businesses

When working with smaller or local businesses, we find that business owners are overwhelmed with the digital decisions they need to make to keep their business competitive.

For a small business the internet and other digital technologies hold opportunities, but also threats and challenges to their business model.

Digital Transformation

This is caused by the digital transformation that the UK has undergone over the last 15 years that continues to rapidly change the way that customers view the world and how they find and buy products and services.

Children growing up today are entering the world as “digital natives” and run significant portions of their lives online, that previous generations including their parents did not.

Adapting To Changes In Behaviour

These changes in behaviour are redefining the business communities we live in and businesses are under pressure to adapt to the changing needs of consumers or risk becoming irrelevant.

Changes that include offering, click and collect, pre-ordering and different ways to buy and pay for products/services.

Business owners face the challenge of determining the best way to invest digital resources to get maximum return on investment for their business.

In a fast evolving marketplace this can be difficult, especially as there are hundreds of different ways a business can define itself digitally, from their website to apps and social media.

Therefore, we find when working with businesses locally our biggest value is helping them understand how they can use digital tools such as their website, apps and social media within their business effectively.

This can be using a website to get more customers, an app to encourage customer loyalty or improve business processes to social media to manage reputation and communicate with the business community.

The business environment is transforming rapidly and at Aspiring Panda we relish the opportunity to help our customers find their way in the digital age.

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