Why You Must Keep Your WordPress Website Up To Date

One of the drawbacks to the digital revolution is that like any economic activity if not protected it can fall victim to the acts of criminals and due to the nature of the web they can be based anywhere in the world.

This makes cyber security one of the most important considerations for everyone that uses the internet, from governments, multi-national companies down to individuals taking photos and storing them on a computer or a cloud service.

A large number of business websites including those designed by Aspiring Panda are built using WordPress as the core platform.

WordPress is a fantastic platform for business owners that want to run their website; it gives them control over their business and the web developers they hire to integrate a range of functionality without needing to create bespoke code for every eventuality.

However, like all businesses on the web it can be a target for hackers after your information and the information of your customers. Therefore, you need to take steps or speak with whoever manages your website to ensure that it is kept up to date with WordPress and WordPress plugin updates.

This is because when hackers find a weakness in the software, this is identified and fixed centrally by WordPress and it’s community. All that you need to do is then install the update.

Businesses that do not keep up to date may find themselves more susceptible to having their website hacked, which could leave it unusable for a considerable amount of time and harm your relationships with your customers.

Installing updates is usually a simple job, a question of logging into your WordPress account and hitting the update button on the WordPress application and then any plugins that the developer has used as part of the site.

It can even be set that these will be done automatically, which may be ideal, however, speak to your web designer before doing this as updates can affect plugins differently which may influence the functionality of your website if done automatically.

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  1. I’m never sure which updates to go for is the problem, and as you say setting to auto can be problematic for that very reason. One of the issues for a non tech using wordpress.

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