Why Your Website Is Just The Start Of Your Digital Marketing

A website is often the first step that business owners will take to start promoting their business.

However, whether you are doing everything yourself or working with a digital agency the building of your website is just the first step to building an effective digital marketing presence.

Why You Just Cannot Build A Website & Stop

Once you have built your business website that appeals to your target audience and has clear calls to action it can be tempting to put thoughts about your website to one side and concentrate on other aspects of your business.

However, while a well-built website may attract some traffic it will not reach it’s potential unless you are using other methods to generate the profile, build trust and generate traffic to your company’s website.

Part of this process is creating an active website that has elements that are frequently updated as part of the overall marketing plan.

An Active Website

The concept of an active website is one that has dynamic content that is regularly updated; this could be blog posts, feeds for your social media or even live chat functionality.

Having an active website builds trust with your audience as well as well as increasing the likelihood that It will generate traffic.

Ways Of Driving Traffic To A Website

On top of the on page SEO supplemented by the active elements of the website such as a blog, there are some different ways of driving traffic to your website. Some of these are free such as organic social media traffic, whereas many require some level of marketing investment

These include:

  • Search engine advertising
  • Offline advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Organic social media
  • Social media advertising
  • Guest blogging

Which of these different methods you use to drive traffic to your website will depend on your budget and how each fits into your overall marketing strategy.

Whichever you choose it is important to implement these methods as part of a plan and do so consistently.

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