Case Study – UK App Development Does Not Have To Be Too Expensive For Small Business

App development can be a daunting task for small business owners, given the perceived complexity, cost and timeframes that are associated with app development.

However, with the right app development company that understands the needs of the business and has the right development skills and structures an app can be an affordable and effective enterprise solution.

This can be a challenge as there are so many companies from across the world offering app development using different technologies and at highly variable price points.

The key is finding a developer that understands the needs of the business and can craft a digital solution that works for the business, rather than implementing an out of the box standard solution as that is what they are able to deliver.

Case Study – Vidazone

This month Aspiring Panda have been working with Vidazone an event Wi-Fi provider based in Peterborough to create a demonstration app for a business event in which they are exhibiting.

The challenge of this app was to develop it to strict timelines and in budget, whilst giving the functionality to allow it to be successfully published to the app store.

Our team worked with Vidazone to create a flow for the app, that was designed to demonstrate the power of event apps as part of the events marketing lifecycle.

After a short development cycle we were able to produce the app and it is now live on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. This will mean that 95%+ of the visitors to the exhibition will be able to download it directly during the exhibition.

We look forward to working with Vidazone to implement live versions of the app for event organisers across the UK and beyond in the coming weeks and months.

Quote from Vidazone Owner Chris Smith

“Vidazone have had an excellent experience developing our demonstration app with Aspiring Panda who have hit short deadlines and produced work of a high standard”

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