Three 2017 Web Design Trends

The world of web design has continued to evolve during 2016 as consumer behaviours react to the latest technologies and trends. Aspiring Panda have identified three 2017 web design trends that could affect businesses across the UK.

The key 2017 web design trends we examine relate to content, SEO and mobile accessibility as the way the public consume information and buy products and services continue to evolve.

Video Will Continue To Dominate Online Content

Content is an incredibly part of marketing your business and making the most from your web design. In 2016 video really started to dominate and one particular trend that captured the imagination of the public was live video.

Facebook Live and Periscope continue to be powerful tools for business owners to tell their story and video content of all types are forecast to grow in 2017.

Within web design this will mean considering how video can be incorporated into existing and new build websites.

Mobile Accessibility

It has been nearly two years since Google made it clear that websites that were not mobile friendly would be negatively impacted in search engine results. During this time the amount of time people spend on the internet from a mobile device has surged to dwarf desktop usage.

2017 web design trends continue to reflect the relevance and importance of designing websites considering they will be accessed primarily by mobile devices.

SEO Will Continue To Be Local & Content Driven

Search engine optimisation continues to be a powerful tool for businesses to drive traffic to their websites. The way in which this works continues to evolve and in 2016 local search was a key factor for small businesses.

In 2017 this is likely to continue as is the need to have an active website posting regular content that includes related keywords to your business.

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