How An Event App Can Enhance Experience

Due to the demands of clients, visitors and the hundreds of different factors that control the success or failure of an event, the profession of events coordination is ranked as one of the most stressful you can have.

An event app can enhance events and take away some of the stresses of strains of organising an event as well as enhancing the event marketing lifecycle before, during and after an event.

Events, exhibitions and seminars are an important marketing tool for professionals in a wide range of different industries, therefore maximising their effectiveness is key.

How An Event App Can Enhance Events

Before The Event

An event app can build buzz about an event before it happens. It can be used to book people into individual seminars as well as remind attendees of key event information and remind them to attend as the big day approaches.

During The Event

An events app can be used to book in visitors and direct visitors to certain parts of the events. It can also be used to remind them about seminars they have booked onto and give them all the information they need such as maps etc at their fingertips.

Apps can also be configured to allow exhibitors to capture visitor information that can be used post event to generate leads.

After The Event

Once an event is over, the important thing is to ensure that whether it is business or leisure that there is follow up. Utilising the information collected during the event to follow up with attendees and invite them to go to more events.

For exhibitors the key is the data collected during the event and using it to follow up to grow your business.

If you run events and think that an app may improve your attendees experience and reduce your stress call Aspiring Panda on (+44) 020 8861 011

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