3 Apps Stats That Will Focus Businesses On App Development

The smartphone has made mobile applications a vital retail, content and enterprise platform for entertainment, education and work.

This is transforming the way we interact with the world creating opportunities for businesses to find new ways to reach customers and make processes more efficient.

To highlight the value of mobile apps we unearthed three recent statistics from Adobe

1) Mobile users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to mobile web
This stat from Flurry shows that mobile users prefer apps to the mobile web. This is often because apps are designed specifically for mobile rather than websites, making them easier to navigate.

If users are on apps rather than the web then this may be what your business needs to hold the attention of its audience.

2) 26% of installed apps are only used once
Although mobile users may spend most of their times in apps, that does not mean that they will use your app. App developers are under pressure to make their apps engaging so that they will be used again and again. The key is giving the user a reason to use the app.

Of those who stop using an app, some said they would use it again if offered a discount (30%), whilst others said new or exclusive content could have the same effect (24%)

3) 51% of companies measure user engagement and return on investment
Nearly half or companies do not measure the engagement or ROI from an app, suggesting that there is a lack of a coherent strategy from many companies.

Knowing what you want to achieve and what success looks like a important part of an app development strategy. This statistic shows that many companies are unaware of whether their app is a success or what success would look like.
Before investing in an app businesses are more likely to see a positive impact on their business if they have a strategy in place and a way of measuring its success.

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