What We Can Learn From The LinkedIn UI Update

Some readers may have noticed it already, others may not have been affected yet but the user interface (UI) has changed. This means that the way that users can use the social media platform has changed.

This has led to some anger and confusion as active users get used to the new settings, complaints have ranged from not being able to navigate the site so easily, through to changes in functionality.

Increasingly your website is the first point of interaction between you and your customers, which means that how they react to it for the first time or the 100th time can have a real impact on the success of your business.

This means that your business should consider the experience of the users when designing or redesigning your website.

LinkedIn UI Update Changes

The main change to LinkedIn is stylistically with the new UI looking more like the mobile app, with pictorial icons and a rounder feel. This has also seen some changes to the menu and where things are located, for example to access your profile you now go to the “me” section.

The key update though is to the search functionality, where free members are now no longer able to access advanced search features. This makes it harder for small businesses to use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool without upgrading to sales navigator.

What We Can Learn From The LinkedIn UI Update

The LinkedIn UI update is a clear signal that LinkedIn are moving towards maximising revenues in their approach, however there has been kick back from avid users. The lesson is that whenever you change something that affects your users and the way they interact with your business there is going to be a reaction.

Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook this reaction can be killer to small businesses who may not be able to afford to wait for the user population to get used to and adapt to the changes.

If you are considering a change to your website call our team to discuss how to manage your user experience.

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