Many Business Owners Still Have Websites That Do Not Work On Mobile Devices

It has been nearly two years since Google announced that it was changing the way it displayed search results to penalise websites that were not designed for use by mobile phones and tablets.

Many business owners have updated their websites to meet the new requirements however we still encounter those that are not and therefore are not appearing on mobile searches.

This is significant as more than half of all internet searches are made from a mobile or tablet device. Meaning that websites that are not compliant with Google’s guidelines are potentially halving the amount of people that visit their website having searched for businesses like them.

If your business website is not optimised for mobile devices, this is important as these are people that are looking for businesses like yours.

If they do not find your business, then the likelihood is that the person searching for the service will end up using a competitor.

What To Do If Your Site Is Non-Compliant

The first step is to check if your site is mobile friendly. To do this you can go to the Google website and take the test in the link.

If your site is not mobile friendly, then it is likely that you have not updated your website for at least three years. The internet and consumer trends have transformed in this time as has the possible things your website can do.

Therefore, it may be worth investing in an entirely new website to refresh the design and functionality and ensure that your website is mobile friendly.

If your site is not mobile friendly and you are not sure of the next steps then call us on +44 020 8861 0115



This is a guest blog by en-ACT member Kristian Downer a social media expert based in Peterborough

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