5 Simple Elements That Give Your Homepage Maximum Impact

This means that your homepage must deliver the right impact for your business.

Whilst there is an almost endless combination of ways and techniques to configure your homepage, here are 5 simple elements that we believe every homepage should contain to generate the maximum impact.

Easy To Use Navigation

Making your website easy to navigate for visitors is vital and can be easily achieved with a navigation menu. A search box can make it even easier to connect visitors with the information they need.

Phone Number and Email Contact

Your phone number and email are key ways for customers to get in touch so having them in a standard place on every page (preferably in the top banner) ensures that however people find you and whatever page they visit they can get in touch quickly.

Social Proof

What others say about you is a powerful way to build trust with your potential customers. Having these reviews and information on the homepage can build rapport quickly and increase conversion rates. This can include accreditations, awards and reviews from third parties.

Call To Action

Your homepage should make it clear what you want the potential customer to do next, whether that be to fill out a form to request more information, give you a call or even buy now.

Compelling Images/Video

The job of your homepage is to capture attention and get the visitor to want to learn more about your business.

Images and video are a great way to do this so we recommend that when designing your website, you come up with compelling images and video that support the branding and message of your website.

If you are unsure if your website has any of these elements or would like to review call us on + 44 (0)2088610115

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