Simple Steps To Keep Your Online Presence Safe

The internet is a huge opportunity for businesses from both a customer facing and internal perspective as apps, cloud based technologies and websites allow us to do more than ever online.

It is vital we use the internet in a way that protects important information and minimises the risk of being compromised by hackers and online attacks.

The threats facing businesses are continuously evolving, from having a website hacked due to an out of date WordPress site, hacks of private customer information or phishing scams designed to defraud the business.

Update Your Software/Website Regularly

One of the best ways of staying ahead of online fraud is to make sure you are always using the most up to date version of the software you use daily. Updates to your smartphone, PC and web platform often contain updates to fix security issues.

This is particularly true for WordPress where regular updates are the key to keeping the site and the plugin software that add functionality safe to use.

So by keeping up to date and having a schedule for running checks you can stay one step ahead.

Be Suspicious Of Emails Asking For Information Or With A Link

Email is at the heart of most businesses, but always be sceptical if someone you know (even within your own company) emails asking you do to something out of character.

Increasingly there are scams being reported of fraudsters pretending to be them to get you to send money or click a link or download an attachment that contains malicious software.

This could be to review an attached invoice you were not expecting or click a link to something strange. If in doubt ring the person or message them as email scams commonly known as “phishing” are getting more elaborate and professional.

Remember that banks and other professional bodies will not ask for personal information over email.

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