Building A Charity Website For Phoebe Research Fund

Building a charity website is a balance between adding the vital components to create a visually appealing site that appeals to the audience and keeping a handle on the budget.

Marketing a charity sees a pressure to gain maximum exposure when every pound spent is one less that can go to the primary focus of the charity.

Therefore, when we met Zoe from the Phoebe Research Fund and she asked for help upgrading her website, we knew that a modified WordPress template would give her and her small team the best of both worlds.

Introducing The Phoebe Research Fund

Phoebe is a typical six-year-old from Stamford in the United Kingdom with just one exception, she suffers from an extremely rare skin condition Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. So rare that there are only 1,000 sufferers in the UK with the type that Phoebe has.

Her mother Zoe has set up the Phoebe Research Fund to research a cure as there is currently no UK government funding in place.

What We Did

The Phoebe Research Fund had an existing website that needed updating and some additional functionality added. We proposed the following:

  • WordPress Website
  • Virgin Money integration to accept donations
  • Hosting set up by Aspiring Panda but controlled by Phoebe Research
  • Training on how to manage and update the site

We chose WordPress as we could adapt a theme (template) for the website that we could then adapt to Phoebe’s needs. The template allowed us to keep costs down whilst giving the charity all the functionality they need and the ability to make edits to key information.

We worked with the Phoebe Research Fund to agree on the design and branding of the website and the structure of the website.

This included a blog, a page for events, a way to accept donations and allow sponsors and fundraisers to download branding materials such as logos.

We were able to build this site for Phoebe relatively quickly and train the Phoebe Research Fund team on how to update the website.

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