Three Things To Do When Getting A Web Design Quote

The dominance of the internet as a connector between businesses and their customers mean that a website is a must have for almost every type of business.

This has created the paradox that web design is a commodity where simply building a site will generate results. A web design quote can vary drastically with the same brief from company to company.

For a loosely defined project some companies web design quote may be a couple of hundred pounds, whereas for the same project a quote of tens of thousands of pounds may come back from a competitor.

This makes it difficult to work out which company is providing value and offering the service you need as part of your web design quote.

We have put together three things to do when getting a web design quote that will increase your chances of success.

Work Out The Scope Before Getting Quotes

Although you may not know the technical aspects of how a website works, by looking at other websites and those of competitors you can build a picture in your head of the functionality and design level that you will want to incorporate into your site.

When getting highly variable quotes it is often because the functionality that the web designer has included is different from one provider to another.

By working out what you want your site to do, it puts you in a better position to compare quotes from different providers on a like for like basis.

Look At A Company’s Portfolio

A web design company’s portfolio is its living and breathing CV, you can see sites the company has built out there working on the web.

Understanding the portfolio of a business allows you to see what kind of websites they have built before and whether that fits with the cost of their quote and what they can realistically deliver.

Speak To Other Businesses

At Aspiring Panda a large portion of our business comes from referral, this is because by speaking to your business contacts you can draw on their experience to find a company that has a good track record and can deliver the website that you need.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I do have a question however that I
    think you could probably answer. I was wondering,
    When you do a mockup design for a responsive website, do you do a mockup for every possible screen sizes?
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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