Our Work Support Education Reporting In Uganda

Excitingly for the last 12 months Aspiring Panda have been working on and are now starting to deliver an educational software project in Uganda.

The project revolves around the implementation of our School Reporting Suite as part of the Sustainable Communities Initiative for Bunyoro Kingdom of Uganda.

This has been adapted as part of the CDMS (Community Development Management System) where the ability to set tasks, track productivity and report out are being used to roll out and monitor the projects.

The advantage of having a highly talented multi-disciplined technical team is that we are able to design digital solutions that fit the needs of our clients rather than pitch a solution solely because it fits within our technical capabilities.

This has been important on this project as we work with a large number of stakeholders, so there is a need to be flexible and find innovative solutions to complex challenges unique to the project.

We have enjoyed working with the key stakeholders in the project to identify the requirements of the project and overcome the challenges in implementing a system that is cost effective and meets the project needs.

Our team will be providing ongoing support to the project and we would like to share a little bit more about the software we have adapted to implement this.

Background On The School Reporting Suite

One of the cloud based technologies that showcases our ability to solve complex business challenges in our School Reporting Suite. This educational software is designed to allow schools to accurately assess, track and report pupil performance for curriculums all over the world.

The School Reporting Suite has been designed to work in multiple languages and can be adapted for any curriculum that is being taught. In the UK this has already seen implementation in Jewish schools using the Kodesh curriculum as well as the national curriculum.

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