Three Ways Business Apps Can Improve Processes, Reduce Costs and Increase Sales

The right business mobile apps can save business owners’ time, effort and money by streamlining processes and increasing visibility of business processes.

Depending on the nature of your business there are many ways that apps can improve your business.

Here are three key areas that we have helped small businesses use mobile apps to improve processes and reduce costs.

Project/Job Management

Business apps can be used to increase the visibility that you have of your employees and the projects they are working on.

Mobile apps can be used to create project or job management tools that can track the progress of work. This can include the ability to save and store notes, photos and progress reports.

At Aspiring Panda we have built custom apps for tradesmen such as electricians to help them manage their growing workforce and jobs. The app we built for one tradesmen eliminated the need for him to sign off every job personally giving him more time to grow his business.

Monitoring and Managing Processes

Mobile apps can be combined with the internet of things to monitor and manage business processes. These can be monitored in real time and adjustments made directly in the app saving on the time and effort needed to monitor and adjust.

A good example of this in the retail sector is the HIVE heating apps, these are constantly transmitting information about the temperature of the house and allowing the customer to change the thermostat accordingly.

A recent business client we worked with used our technology to monitor and update their circuit breakers.

Storage and File Sharing

The ability to store data and give users access to it can be powerful. Tools such as Dropbox and Google docs have allowed teams to work together.

These apps can also be used to share tailored information with your customers such as educational videos, product guides and other information they may find useful.

A good example of this is the app we built for Mark Bowden a hypnotherapist. The app allows his customers to access his audiobooks from anywhere using the app.

See the case study here

If you would like to know more about how we use business apps to power growth at Aspiring Panda give us a call or drop us an email.

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