Why Fewer People Are Seeing Your Facebook Business Page Updates

If your business has a Facebook page, you may have been frustrated over the last couple of years by the number of people seeing your posts without paying for Facebook ads.

The reason for this is that Facebook have gradually changed the computer algorithm that decides who see your posts.

Facebook’s algorithm is different for every user based on their behaviour and is influenced by thousands and thousands of different criteria making it impossible to get ahead of it for more than a short time.

With each change, the number of people that see your posts without you paying has reduced. The people that see your posts on Facebook without you paying is known as Organic Reach.

A change was made in September that has further tweaked organic reach downwards meaning that the value of each Facebook like on your page reduces every day.

Why Are Facebook Making These Changes

Facebook tell users that the changes to organic reach is to improve the experience of normal Facebook users, so their news feeds are not clogged with business updates.

However, Facebook makes its money from companies that pay to advertise via their business pages. Therefore, the harder it is to generate revenue using Facebook for free, the more people are going to advertise.

This means each change to the Facebook algorithm is designed to increase advertising revenue.

Should I Pay For Ads

With the right strategy Facebook ads are powerful. With the right content you can reach your target audience at a cost-effective price.

Moving Past Facebook Organic Reach

Because Facebook and other social media platforms are always changing, we recommend that businesses should not rely on one sales/marketing platform too heavily.

Instead the focus should be on building marketing assets such as loyalty cards, email marketing lists etc, that the business controls.

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