Why You Must Keep Your WordPress Website Up To Date

One of the drawbacks to the digital revolution is that like any economic activity if not protected it can fall victim to the acts of criminals and due to the nature of the web they can be based anywhere in the world.

This makes cyber security one of the most important considerations for everyone that uses the internet, from governments, multi-national companies down to individuals taking photos and storing them on a computer or a cloud service. read more

Why Business Websites Need Professional Design & Implementation

Like many skill sets, if you have the time, energy and money to gain the expertise you can build your business website yourself. Even if you hire someone, low start-up costs for freelancers, access to a global pool of talent and the growth in demand for websites has created an industry in which cost and quality vary wildly.

Fuelled by high-profile advertising campaigns, there is a misconception that building a business website is simple and that anyone can do it for pennies. read more

Is Your Website Too Slow To Attract Customers?

You may monitor whether your website is available on the web or unavailable (down) but few businesses follow the speed of access to their site.

The average internet user is impatient and easily distracted. If you manage to cut through the noise and get a member of your target audience to visit your website, then it is vital that your site is set up to hold their attention as long as it takes for them to make a buying decision. read more

Does Your Business Need An App?

At Aspiring Panda we network with businesses locally and one of the first questions we get asked when we tell local business owners what we do is “does my business need an app?”

In our experience the answer is yes, however this is a difficult question to answer on the spot as without knowing more details about the company, it’s customers and it’s processes it is impossible to give accurate guidance on the value of an app. read more