Cloud migration to enable Business Continuity for BT customers

BT Ltd


A mission critical product suite at BT, catering towards high revenue clients, was running on outdated platforms. BT approached Aspiring Panda to find out how they could keep these systems alive for their customers and continue to secure revenue from this product suite at minimum cost.


Aspiring Panda provided BT with consultancy to identify possible solutions to this challenge. Once a solution was agreed upon, our team then carried out a pilot programme to prove the concept of carrying out a migration of the legacy product suite into the cloud. The new cloud environment was configured to match the requirements of the legacy system.


BT’s product suite was seamlessly migrated from the old, unsupported platform to the new environment in the cloud increasing the life of the application. The product suite was migrated with minimum downtime and cost to the business, securing revenue from the product suite for the future.


“Aspiring Panda have provided continuity in an area where it was not cost-effective to BT to resource in-house.”

Trevor Chambers
Channels and IT Transformation at BT

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