Festive marketing Tips and Tricks

We asked our lovely Twitter followers to share their festive marketing tips for our ecommerce customers and we were inundated with lots of great advice! Here is a selection of some of our favourites that you can apply to your festive marketing campaign to maximise sales during the busy Christmas period.

Innovative visual software firm Grip stresses the importance of the customer experience during the festive season which is often a key factor for relationship building. “Customising the customer experience to deliver relevant information creates loyalty, brand awareness and encourages stronger customer relationships.”

With Black Friday sales often continuing well into December, ecommerce software firm Volusion shared their thoughts on online retailers offering excessive discounts. “Consider your discount levels and price points sooner rather than later so you can ensure you’re not sacrificing profits. Don’t automatically think you need to offer big discounts. Try tiered discounts or bundled items too!”

Taking advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out) during the lucrative festive season is the best way to encourage customers to spend. Nobody wants to miss out on that perfect gift and by targeting customers with limited offer products, outreach agency Seeker Digital says you can build urgency that drives sales. “Create a seasonal retargeting sequence that maximises the FOMO and urgency elements of ongoing Black Friday deals. Throw in some extras for people who engage with your brand on social or email.”

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Why Your Business Will Need To Invest In Ads To Succeed on Facebook in 2018

In previous blogs we have outlined why fewer people are seeing your updates on your Facebook business page. In mid-January 2018 Facebook have announced they are making another wholesale change which means that fans of your page will no longer see your updates in their newsfeed.

Does This Mean I Will Need To Pay Facebook?

This is important as it means that the only way to have your content seen by potential customers will be to pay to advertise on Facebook. read more