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Community Development Management System


CDMS integrates with sustainability led apps to provide an end-to-end community management system



Manage your workforce
with intelligent software



Assess, track and report on
pupil progress across Uganda



Provide integrated
logistics to Ugandan enterprises



Build the infrastructure to
support growth across Uganda

driving sustainable
communities With Technology

Aspiring Panda’s Community Development Management System (CDMS) has been designed to improve the lives of marginalised communities without the need for aid. The technology has been modelled around the Ugandan economy over a period of 3 years to develop the tools and real-time analysis necessary to uplift the livelihoods of all in the community. CDMS is a one of a kind system developed in conjunction with Ugandan government authorities and former UN workers. The system offers numerous benefits including Agricultural development support services, Business and enterprise development opportunities. The platform has been integrated into a market place, enabling local farmers and producers to sell directly to the global market.

Improving the lives of farmers

CDMS ensures that quality produce, consistency of supply and a sustainable enterprise for our farmers is guaranteed.

Inclusive Participation

The main mission of CDMS is to establish elements of economic development at the community level by promoting inclusive participation. This creates a strong base for sustainable growth and empowerment of the participating community. To fulfil this objective CDMS offers a membership and subscription structure, which targets community stakeholders to participate and this way individual and corporate members can work together hand in hand.

Training with locals

Simplicity of user experience enables locals to train locals on the use of CDMS.

No person left behind

Flexibility in the design of CDMS means that it is highly adaptable for any demography, economy and region.