Personalising kay me’s Customer Experience

Kay Me


“we try to position ourselves as not just ‘another fashion brand’”/ “one of my biggest fears is to be ‘just another fashion brand” – Nick, director at kay me

In a saturated market, kay me wanted to stand out from the crowd as a luxury brand that creates stunning, functional pieces for female executives whilst focusing on saving their customers’ time by making the buying process as convenient as possible.

The kay me team came up with an innovative idea- “try and buy”, where customers could order 3 products, return products that they did not want and only pay for the products they chose to keep. Prior to working with us, the kay me team were managing this process manually and found that customers were holding onto items for longer than expected. As they are a luxury brand, they have a maximum of 100 units of any one item- the delays in customers returning products they had tried via this workflow caused customer teams at kay me to spend much of their time following up with customers to return items and monitoring inventory was a constant challenge.

Some customers who used their original Try and Buy feature, would not pay for long periods of time or unless they were chased up by the customer team.

“We were using about 40% of one staff member’s time every month, just chasing customers to say please, please return the goods or please buy them!”
– Nick, director at kay me

Since the process was not a closed loop, there was little security in that customers would be charged for items they kept which could potentially result in losses.


The team at Aspiring Panda spent time with kay me to understand and analyse how they were currently managing “try and buy” and what the ideal “try and buy” scenario would look like for kay me’s customers and internal teams.

Once we had captured kay me’s vision, we went about developing a custom module to support kay me’s “try and buy” customer experience. We then integrated this module into their current CMS environment.


Our “Try and Buy” module seamlessly integrated with kay me’s Magento environment and has reduced the time kay me’s operational teams spent on manual tasks by 40%. Kay me customer teams have time freed up to spend on tasks that focus on growing the business.

Customers would automatically be charged for items they did not return, so this prompted customers to return their items a lot faster which meant that kay me, were in turn, able to turnover their stock a lot faster and get products back into circulation for other customers to purchase.

Kay me saw an uplift in average customer spend and reported that customers loved how the “try and buy” functionality catered towards their needs.

The newly developed Try and Buy module has also protected kay me from bad actors.

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