5 Checks To Make Sure That Your Small Business Website Is Fit For Purpose

The internet provides businesses with an opportunity to make their business accessible to customers anytime and potentially anywhere. In recent years, the concept of a company website has evolved to be much more than just a flyer or poster promoting your business on the internet.

Instead, with the right design, message, and layout your website has the ability to create and convert leads. However, this means that companies must consider the right approach for their business and invest in the development of an appropriate website. read more

Why Email Is More Valuable Than Social Media

Email marketing should be a key component of the modern digital marketing campaign; although not as trendy as social media, it has the potential to garner greater long term returns to the business.

This results from the fact that, although social media is a great way of building awareness of a business, it is transient. People engage with a message for a short period of time and then move on, this means that they can quickly forget about your business and will need regular reminding and interaction. read more