Why The Way You Market Your Business Online Is Continuously Evolving

Many of the small businesses we speak to about web design and digital marketing are looking for a simple one off solution or strategy that will last for set period that can then be refreshed.

This approach is designed to give the small business owner the opportunity to reap the benefits of digital marketing without having to invest time and money on a regular basis. With the need to balance budgets and focus on the core aspects of the business this is understandable. read more

Three Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business

Social media is an increasingly important part of the marketing of small businesses across the UK. With more than 30m users of Facebook alone, it is getting harder and harder to ignore that your target audience is active on social media.

For business owners that are resisting moving their business onto social media it is likely that they are missing out on opportunities and risking getting passed over in favour of companies that are more proactive with their digital marketing. read more

The Changing Face Of Customer Loyalty

It is a well established business principle that retaining existing clients costs less than finding new ones. The internet has given consumers more choice than ever before, making it harder to retain customers through inertia alone.

In the current marketplace, data and convenience are king; consumers have all the information about your business and your competitors that they could need. Therefore it is crucial to get your business found, and once it is to maximise retention and revenues. read more