Fun or Useful Apps Created By Our Team

At Aspiring Panda, we build enterprise apps that empower business owners to take control of their business and its day to day processes.

We have also in the past as part of our development and passion developed a range of recreational apps to help solve problems or entertain the public. Some of these help just a few people whereas others have been downloaded tens of thousands of times. read more

Is Your Website Too Slow To Attract Customers?

You may monitor whether your website is available on the web or unavailable (down) but few businesses follow the speed of access to their site.

The average internet user is impatient and easily distracted. If you manage to cut through the noise and get a member of your target audience to visit your website, then it is vital that your site is set up to hold their attention as long as it takes for them to make a buying decision. read more

Does Your Business Need An App?

At Aspiring Panda we network with businesses locally and one of the first questions we get asked when we tell local business owners what we do is “does my business need an app?”

In our experience the answer is yes, however this is a difficult question to answer on the spot as without knowing more details about the company, it’s customers and it’s processes it is impossible to give accurate guidance on the value of an app. read more