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Based in Harrow, Vekactrix Ltd was providing electrical services to a wide range of clients from homes, offices, apartment blocks, sports and leisure centres, shops and hotels. They provide the installation of lighting, data cabling, security systems, door entry systems, visual and audio equipment, electrical testing and upgrades, and swimming pool electrics. They were managing their countless electrical services and projects manually, which led to a lot of paperwork, time and error. They came to Aspiring Panda looking for a project management system.


We identified the key requirements of having a centralised location for project documentation, tracking the progress of each project, and enabling the team to communicate effectively.


We created a bespoke web-based application to keep track and manage all the projects. Teams were able to view their tasks and project managers could view the progress of each project at a click of a button. As a result, the tedious task of saving pictures and writing reports manually were a thing of the past. Productivity increased noticeably, jobs were getting completed in a shorter period of time and allowed room for the company to expand.

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