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Technology may evolve, but our values stay the same.

Aspiring Panda offers a 360 digital approach to business growth. Not only providing technical expertise and business intelligence, but also a uniquely insightful way of working with our clients to develop innovative solutions. Our expertise goes back to 1982 with the birth of the silicon universe when our founder, Manjeet Panesar was working with BT on various telecommunications projects including looking after their network of international lines.

Building on the strength of these years of experience, we are now offering a range of services designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of your business. To free up valuable time and resources and unleash more of your creative potential. We have evolved as technology has evolved but our values have stayed the same. They say who we are as a company. They guide how we do business and how we treat our clients.


From the giant mainframes of the past to the world of mobile technology, big data, AI, machine learning and cloud. This experience is at the core of our adaptability, authenticity and expertise.


We’re passionate about the efficiency of digital systems – making sure that everything works, and that it all works together and that you are extracting the most value from your IT ecosystem.


Honesty, transparency and good faith are at the core of what we do. We respect your integrity and maintain total confidentiality with sensitive details of your business.


Your business is unique, so we aim to tailor cloud environments and applications to help your business address unique challenges and strategic goals.


We are committed to deliver the targets that we promise because your success is our success. You’re in it for the long-haul.

And so are we.

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