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Taking a national
luxury brand, international

We were able to use our expertise in Magento to come up with workarounds and offer Kayme the development of their international ecommerce store for were able to 10 x less than quoted from other digital agencies.


Cloud migration to enable Business Continuity for BT customers

A mission critical product suite at BT, catering towards high revenue clients, was running on outdated platforms. BT’s product suite was seamlessly migrated from the old, unsupported platform to the new environment in the cloud increasing the life of the application.


Increasing traffic and average customer spend

Our consultants identified bottlenecks in luxury brand’s ecommerce environment and integrated kay me’s disparate systems for better performance.

“ We saw instant traffic boosts, almost overnight.” – Nick, director at kay me


Secure client financial data, remote working and controlled costs as client base grows

“My staff are able to carry out their work from home, I have peace of mind that my clients’ data is secure and we have benefited from a minimum of £20,000 capex saving by migrating to the cloud.”- Kirit Pattni, MD at KP&CO.


Personalising kay me’s Customer Experience

Bringing innovative customer journey’s to life to uplift average customer spend and satisfaction.


36% increase in household income

Propelling Uganda towards middle income status by 2040 through strengthening the country’s competitiveness for sustainable wealth creation, employment and inclusive growth.


Merging online and offline shopping

kay me were looking to develop a module to marry their customers’ offline experiences in their stores and online experience of their brand.

“We rolled out a beta test of our Custom Closet feature to 240 customers. It worked flawlessly.”– Nick, director at kay me


300% increase in website enquiries

Customer journey for increased website. In 2 weeks Galaxy of Homes could receive traffic from press coverage of the events to their website.


Unlocking £60,000+ of potential revenue

International luxury fashion brand, kay me, were losing revenue on days where their website traffic would peak. Kay me’s ecommerce website is now in a position to handle modulating traffic without crashing.


IT Support And Consultancy To Reduce Costs Save Time And Focus On The Future

Our team have provided IT support and consultancy to BT for 30 years to reduce costs, mitigate downtime and free up time for BT’s internal engineering team.


Cleaning code and improving
the speed of fast growing
startup’s product

Our coders managed to clean up the code and cut the delay to 4 milliseconds. This meant that the circuit breakers could work in real-time, improving the capabilities of their IOT device and experience for the user.

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