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At our core, we are problem solvers, engineers, out-of-the box thinkers.

“Thank you, Aspiring Panda! Your customer service is ‘top-shelf’ with immediate and effective response to all our technical enquiries.”

R. Atlas

Principal, Menorah Primary School

/ What we do

Troubleshoot. Identify cost savings. Web and mobile app advisory.

Our team have 25 years of experience in helping directors and C-Suite executives solve their most complex problems with technology. We can advise you on how best to bring your next idea to life through the development of custom web/ mobile applications and how to set up your IT environment to benefit from operational cost savings and meet long term business objectives.

Partner with us to benefit from

  • Uncovered cost savings
  • Roadmaps to migrate to the cloud
  • Business continuity for mission critical systems
  • 75 years of combined experience in global application project management, database design, IT infrastructure and cloud.

Design, Migrate, Configure, Deploy, integrate, Maintain

Our Head of Cloud and Infrastructure works with you directly to design, migrate, configure, deploy and maintain best of breed cloud environments. We specialise in Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform and bring with us infrastructure and cloud experience from working with the likes of national broadcast networks, the London Stock Exchange, Risk Capital Partners.

Partner with us to benefit from

  • Optimised IT infrastructure for cost savings
  • Fast pace innovation and improved productivity
  • Highly specialised, vendor specific consultancy and support
  • Secure, flexible working conditions for your employees

Custom experiences. Optimised sites. Built to scale.

We work with customer-obsessed brands to build unique online experiences for your clients. Our development team aligns their processes with yours to support your inhouse development team or manage your entire ecommerce ecosystem.

Partner with us to benefit from

  • Improved performance by migrating to Magento 2
  • Chatbot integrations
  • Improved load times
  • Customised modules for your customers
  • Integrate payment gateways and 3rd party platforms

Flexible team. Create new experiences. Bring ideas to life.

Our developers have over a decade of experience in translating your ideas into live projects.

Partner with us to benefit from

  • An agile development team that aligns their process with yours
  • Code optimisation to improve website/ app performance
  • End-to-end web and application builds

IT Support

We offer support for websites, mobile applications and cloud services on a retainer basis. We’re in it for the long haul.

“ I knew that if anything untoward were to happen- like a fire, I would lose my business”

Kirit Pattni

Managing Director at KP&Co

/ How we do it

Every business is unique, so we take the time to learn about your challenges, processes and goals. We then draw on our technical experience to provide you with actionable recommendations to achieve your objectives.

This is where we carry out any recommendations we make as part of our consultancy. You can also come to us with immediate issues you are facing with your IT infrastructure, ecommerce site or website which we can help you solve.

Before we go live, we carry out user acceptance testing to ensure that your solutions is ready for the ‘real world’.

Your solution has arrived, but our journey is far from over. We offer support services to keep a close eye on how things are going. We monitor data and functionality, responding quickly if there are any issues. Your success is important to us, and we look forward to finding more solutions for you as your business continues to grow.

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Jas Panesar