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Our customers help us invest in using technology to change the world we live in.

Aspiring Panda is a firm believer in addressing the most pressing global issues with digital applications.

/ Who We're helping

Uplifting communities with applications built on the UN SDG 2030

Our Community Development Management App Suite is built on the foundations of the UN SDG 2030. We developed these apps in collaboration with former UN workers to address inequality across marginalised and displaced communities. This is currently being piloted in Uganda.


Globally, female-owned businesses are less funded. In the UK, only 6% of entrepreneurs are female. We are removing barriers for self-identifying women to build their business by offering them generous discounts on all new projects for female founders. So far we have sponsored the #AspiringWomenTalks Conference bringing 170 entrepreneurs together to learn from successful  women in business. We are currently building the Aspiring Women Platform to educate, engage and inspire women on their journeys to success.

/ What is success?

"Impact and building a life that I am proud of"

Shazia Mustafa

Aspiring Women and founder of Third Door