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Atom OS


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Atom OS makes solid-state circuit breakers for commercial and industrial building markets. They approached us with a clear brief:

At 8 seconds, the reaction time of the circuit breaker to the tablet/phone app was far too long. They knew there was a problem with the code which was causing the delay, but they were struggling to find someone to fix it.


The Aspiring Panda development team worked night shifts in order to align with Atom Power’s time zone and our coders managed to clean up the code and cut the delay to 4 milliseconds. This meant that the circuit breakers could work in real-time, improving the experience for the user.


"Since its founding in 2014, Atom Power has successfully created
one of the world’s first commercially viable solid-state circuit breakers
for the commercial and industrial building markets."

Atom OS

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