Diversity And Inclusion Advice For Small Businesses

Following the global Black Lives Matter protests, businesses across all sectors have taken to social media in a bid to show solidarity with the movement. No longer concerned with the reputational implications of being ‘too political’, brands including Tetley Tea, Ben & Jerrys and Spotify have all come out in support with the Black Lives Matter movement. Whilst this is a noble show of support from high profile established brands, small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs can also do their part to show solidarity.

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Introducing the Aspiring Panda #AspiringWomen Community

Aspiring Panda is thrilled to launch our exciting new #AspiringWomen Community celebrating inspirational female business leaders. We will be sharing the amazing stories of women who have overcome obstacles and challenges to find business success in the face of adversity. Taking inspiration from our talented COO Jas Panesar, the #AspiringWomen Community seeks to champion other inspirational women who are making great strides in their career. We hope their stories will encourage and motivate other women who are trying to accomplish business success too. read more