Google SEO – Three Principles for Small Business Owners

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is important for small businesses as this marketing discipline allows them to be found by people searching the web for their product or service. It can however be quite confusing for small business owners.

Google are constantly updating and changing their algorithm that ranks where your business’ website ranks for different keywords. This is designed to improve the service they offer to users and to punish and discourage companies from trying to “game” the ranking system. read more

Why The Way You Market Your Business Online Is Continuously Evolving

Many of the small businesses we speak to about web design and digital marketing are looking for a simple one off solution or strategy that will last for set period that can then be refreshed.

This approach is designed to give the small business owner the opportunity to reap the benefits of digital marketing without having to invest time and money on a regular basis. With the need to balance budgets and focus on the core aspects of the business this is understandable. read more

A Smart Business Website Does Not Have To Cost The Earth

Creating a business website that suits the needs of your business can be daunting for small business owners. It is a decision that can frustrate even the most experienced business owners.

There is so much choice and the prices seem to range from pennies to tens of thousands of pounds with no one properly explaining the difference. This can make it really difficult for business owners to know what is the right fit for their business. read more