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IT Support and consultancy to reduce costs, save time and focus on the future


Consultancy, Cloud Design, Cloud Configuration, Cloud Migration,
Multi-cloud integration, Ongoing support

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“Operational teams are concerned with the quality of service we provide to our users and Aspiring Panda help us with that for this product suite.”

Trevor Chambers

Channels and IT Transformation at BT

/ Challenge

At the heart of British Telecom’s global ecosystem, sits a product suite which is mission critical to the communication of high-level customers. Supporting this product suite with internal teams would present significant challenges to BT including rising costs of personnel to provide support for end users and limited time to concentrate on more strategic projects within the business.

BT were in search of a solution to keep their product suite alive for their customers without affecting availability and uptime, whilst reducing costs and time spent on maintaining these products.

These products were inherently complex in terms of interface and functionality. BT were in need of a business partner to support their long term strategy and to advise them on how to optimise BT’s cost control with regards to this product suite.

/ Solution

Aspiring Panda provided consultancy to BT’s inhouse engineering teams to help them understand complex interfaces and functionality and to migrate mission critical, legacy systems. Our seasoned technicians provided tier 4 remote support for these systems for 30 years eliminating any potential for downtime of these platforms. BT have a dedicated Aspiring Panda Account Manager to ensure that they always feel supported by our team.

“Communications with the Aspiring Panda project manager are professional, collaborative and responsive.”

Trevor Chambers

Channels and IT Transformation at BT

/ Results

  1. Internal teams at BT have time freed up to focus on more strategic projects
  2. Continuity of product suite for BT customers
  3. Significant cost reductions for maintaining mission critical IT systems
  4. Peace of mind for BT’s global team that their product suite was in good hands
  5. Improved quality of service for BT customers
  6. Reduced risk of platform downtime

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