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BT specialises in phone, broadband, mobile and TV services as well as global IT networks. A household name internationally, they support government, defence, health and police services, as well as multinationals and other large organisations around the world. Their IT Operations were tedious and often had errors. Aspiring Panda was given the opportunity to transform their BT Technology department, which looks after IT for BT’s customer-facing divisions.


The operations systems used was outdated and was in need of replacing. However, this never happened due to outdated retained skills and domain expertise. We identified the requirements as training the in-house team to understand the complex interfaces and functionality, the termination of mainframe-based OSS and outlining a long term support plan for BT strategy


We were able to build a 3rd party support for a set of stable OSS systems, as well as providing training to the in-house engineering team. As a result, we helped with the closure of redundant systems

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