/ Case Studies / CDMS App suite delivers 38% increase in income for rural farmers in Uganda

CDMS App suite delivers 38% increase in income for rural farmers in Uganda


Application development, Cloud Architecture Configuration for Uganda’s National Development Plan,
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/ Challenge

Uganda’s National Development Plan (NDPII) is the second in a series of six five-year Plans aimed at achieving the Uganda Vision 2040. The goal of this Plan is to propel the country towards middle income status by 2040 through strengthening the country’s competitiveness for sustainable wealth creation, employment and inclusive growth.
As part of this strategy, the Ugandan Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) were looking to establish sustainable systems to collect, process, maintain and disseminate agricultural data.

They were in search of robust technical products to facilitate the secure collection of agricultural, commercial and personal data in order to reach farmers on a national scale and create meaningful interventions to directly improve their livelihoods.

/ Solution

The Aspiring Panda leadership team and consultants liaised with key stakeholders to understand the challenges government authorities and communities faced in the field. We then developed the Community Development Management Mobile App Suite which is managed from a highly customisable central web application, to track Uganda’s international agricultural value chain from seed to table and facilitate interventions that would encourage higher crop yield and access to the international market to sell farmers’ produce without the need for middlemen.

We partnered with Barclays Africa and integrated a mobile payment platform to facilitate mobile payments for farmers.

Our team took into consideration the high security requirements of the Ugandan government to design, configure, implement and maintain a secure cloud environment to ensure highly sensitive data on Ugandan citizens would parse through the various integrated mobile and web applications securely. The cloud configuration has been designed in such a way that it can cater for 1 million+ farmers without compromising service levels.

/ Results

The application suite and IT setup successfully underwent User Testing. Community agencies now have access to the application suite and have seen increased productivity with participating farmers. Forest regeneration projects such as “Greening Kanungu” and the international sale of Habanero crops have been facilitated using the Community Development Management System mobile app suite.

The cloud configuration enables data to flow freely and securely across the various applications so that analysis of data and insights can take place and inform interventions that would help farms sell more of their produce to the international market. Pilot results show a 36.6% increase to household income and 78.2% increased access to local support services.

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