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Galaxy of Homes


Galaxy of Homes is a property management service who were up for a prestigious business award. They had two weeks to showcase their testimonials but lacked a good professional website. We had two weeks!


We aligned our workflow with theirs, even worked out of hours for them. We not only redesigned the site, but we improved the user journey, aligning it with their desired outputs of more enquiries for their services.


We created a website to reflect the Galaxy of Homes brand in time for the award ceremony they had been nominated for. Through our consultation process we understood that most of their business comes from people attending their events, so we made sure the flow from homepage to signing up to an event was central to our design.

“We won the award! And I personally believe that a lot of it was due to the website. Also, we are now getting client leads through the website.”

Vikash Jayaswal
Co-founder of Galaxy of Homes

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