Alan Mertens

Alan supports our FTSE 100 clients and is on the other end of the phone to advise them on challenges they face with mission-critical systems. He has been with us for 25 years and brings with him unparalleled knowledge on digital transformation.

Jigar Thakore

Jigar heads up our development operation and guides clients through challenging technical builds- from nationally deployed applications to luxury fashion ecommerce sites. Clients often comment on Jigar’s willingness to go above and beyond to bring projects to life.

Ajay Cowper

Ajay is know to CEO’s of FTSE 100 companies as a trusted advisor. His expertise in IT infrastructure has seen him solve the most complex of problems faced by C-Suite executives to unleash the potential of their businesses and uncover significant cost savings and efficiencies. Ajay has worked with CEO’s and CFO’s at national broadcast organisations, banks, The London Stock Exchange, Capital Risk Partners Ivy restaurant group, among others and leverages his deep technical experience to help them navigate intricate business challenges.

Jas Panesar

Jas spent 25 years as a principal consultant and database specialist at Capgemini where she led digital transformation and migration projects for Public Sector Services, the Insurance and Property industry, DHL, Citibank, General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Nationwide Building Society, Swansea County Council and more. Jas now manages our operations and development team to ensure the highest level of quality for your development project.

Manjeet Panesar

Manjeet’s engineering background informs the ethos of Aspiring Panda- to solve problems efficiently and with the utmost integrity. Manjeet brings his experience in managing global mission-critical projects for BT and is on the other end of the phone to support our smallest and largest clients. Manjeet runs Aspiring Panda with heart and inspires his team to support every client to the best of their ability.