Merging online and offline shopping

Kay Me

“we want to get our customers’ business online, but the Custom Closet is a tool that they can use offline as well”
– Nick, director @ kay me


It is a global trend that the channels customers interact with your brand through are merging, kay me were looking to develop a module to marry their customers’ offline experiences in their stores and online experience of their brand.

“It’s really important for us to be able to empathise with the challenges our customers’ face and make solutions that suit them.”
– Nick, director at kay me


We worked with kay me to understand the new feature they wanted to offer their customers- “ Custom Closet”. This feature would make customised product recommendations based on customers’ purchase history. Our team built and integrated this module into their existing Magento CMS.


“We rolled out a beta test of our Custom Closet feature to 240 customers. It worked flawlessly.”
– Nick, director at kay me

Results from the introduction of this feature surprised kay me- customers walked into kay me stores with their Custom Closet page, and asked assistants within the store to help them find the items recommended to them.

“Within 48 hours, 220 out of 240 beta customers had opened their Custom Closet page. 90% of customers opened the email we sent them about this new feature, which is unheard of.”
– Nick, director at kay me

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