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Unlocking £60,000+ potential revenue


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“We can say to our investors that we have a good IT partner who is ready to create something a little bespoke to drive and retain more customers”

Nick Faulkner

Director at kay me

We love working with brands that need help bringing their innovative ideas to life. Brands that are obsessed with solving problems for their customers and know technology can help to do this. With the right technology partner, anything is possible.

/ Challenge

International luxury fashion brand, kay me, were losing revenue on days where their website traffic would peak- for example on Black Friday or over Christmas their website would see a 300% increase in traffic to their website but after a certain number of users, their website would crash. On average the company were missing out on £60,000 potential revenue every day that their website crashed under the traffic load.

/ Solution

The Aspiring Panda development team worked with our Head of Cloud and Infrastructure to design a Microsoft Azure cloud environment suitable for the kay me’s needs. An instant of the website was configured and deployed in a cloud zone where they received the most traffic.

/ Results

Kay me’s ecommerce website is now in a position to handle modulating traffic without crashing. This gives them the potential to earn a minimum of £60,000 daily and gives them no limit on how much they could sell, whilst keeping operational costs of running their website under control.

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