Increasing traffic and average customer spend

Kay Me


kay me had disparate systems that did not talk to each other or their Magento CMS. The kay me team spent a lot of time manually managing inventory and customer work flows instead of focusing on other revenue generating activities.


Our consultants analysed where the bottlenecks were in kay me’s ecommerce environment systems and drafted ideas to integrate 3rd party platforms with their Magento CMS.


“ We saw instant traffic boosts, almost overnight.”
–  Nick, director at kay me

The integrations saw an instant traffic boost and resulted in an increase in average customer spend.


“Other fashion brands are surprised when they learn the level of integration we have between our systems- we’ve just automated product feeds that go into Google, Facebook and Instagram. Since integrating our CMS and 3rd party vendors, our average customer lifetime has gone up significantly over the last 4 years.”

Nick Faulkner
Director, Kay Me

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