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Taking national luxury fashion brand, international


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“We can say to our investors that we have a good IT partner who is ready to create something a little bespoke to drive and retain more customers”

Nick Faulkner

Director at kay me

We love working with brands that need help bringing their innovative ideas to life. Brands that are obsessed with solving problems for their customers and know technology can help to do this. With the right technology partner, anything is possible.

/ Challenge

Award-winning and VC-backed luxury fashion brand, kay me, wanted to grow their business and sell their garments to the international market. With 4 physical stores and growing, kay me was experiencing growing pains as demand for their products continued to rise and their disparate IT systems took up more and more of their team’s time and reduced the quality of their customers’ experience.

They were losing time on manual tasks instead of spending time on growing their business. They had many platforms that did not talk to one another, so data was in many different locations.

kay me was losing potential custom because their payment gateway only supported Japanese cards. They had ideas to personalise their customers’ journey to help them stand out from the crowd but they did not have a reliable IT partner they could trust to develop these modules. kay me had plans to take their fashion brand international, but they did not know how to technically go about doing this.

/ Solution

Aspiring Panda met with kay me’s directors to discuss their challenges and plans to grow their business. As a growing business, we understood that the most cost efficient solution would be most suited for kay me. We engineered custom solutions to keep their costs low whilst improving their ecommerce setup and opening up their brand to the international market.

We took into consideration kay me’s tight deadline to take their brand international and decided to tackle inefficiencies within their ecommerce setup all whilst migrating their existing ecommerce website to a newly developed, multilingual ecommerce store. We integrated disparate platforms such as their stock control management system to reduce time spent on manual tasks.

“The team at Aspiring Panda have been incredibly engaging from day one. They gave us excellent impartial advice on database management, ensuring we set off on the right foot.”

Nick Faulkner

Director at kay me

/ Results

kay me now sells their products internationally via their multilingual ecommerce store. Their customer experience has improved as a result of highly innovative and unique modules we have custom developed for them to merge their offline store experience with kay me’s online brand.

We were able to use our expertise in Magento to come up with workarounds and offer kay me the development of their international ecommerce store for 10x less than quoted from other digital agencies. They can now cater to customers in Japanese and English.

kay me has grown to 7 stores and counting and we are proud to still be their IT partners of choice to support their ecommerce business.

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