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Five Things That May Give Your Business A Poor Google Ranking

The Google ranking of your business can have a huge impact on the digital success of your business.

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Five Things That May Give Your Business A Poor Google Ranking

Therefore, it is important you are not doing any of the things that can lead to your Google ranking falling or your site being removed from search results entirely.

Slow Website Speed

The objective of Google is to connect users with relevant information quickly, if your website takes too long to load then it is unlikely to be given priority over other faster loading results.

If your site comes back and the response time is over 5 seconds, then it may be worth speaking to your web designer about ways to improve the load times.

See our blog on slow website speeds

Duplicate Content

Repeating the same content with the right keywords used to be a great blackhat SEO tactic for getting a high ranking. However, Google realised that this usually results in a poor user experience.

Duplicate content can result in a lower Google ranking so product pages and services should be written uniquely on every occasion to avoid issues with Google.

Blackhat SEO

The use of aggressive SEO strategies that focus on rankings rather than content can have a huge impact on your Google ranking. Google punishes companies that it believes are trying to “game” the system or take shortcuts.

If you are not sure if your website is following best practice, then let me know.

Insecure Websites

Google does not want to send its users to sites that may harm its users. If your site is deemed to be insecure or have security issues then this will affect your ranking.

This could include a lack of security for online purchases or not having the most up to date software versions on your CMS platform.

Not Mobile Friendly

Smartphones and devices account for most Google searches.

The majority of websites are now optimised for mobile devices if your website is older or poorly designed then this may affect how your site ranks when users search using their smartphone.

If you are unsure check our mobile friendly guidance here

If you are unsure about your SEO position then give the Aspiring Panda team a call and we can investigate.


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