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Fun or Useful Apps Created By Our Team

At Aspiring Panda, we build enterprise apps that empower business owners to take control of their business and its day to day processes.

We have also in the past as part of our development and passion developed a range of recreational apps to help solve problems or entertain the public. Some of these help just a few people whereas others have been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

Here are just a few that we have created, if you want to see some of our development work in action then here is a small sample of those available on the IOS App Store


This fun app was created to entertain users around Halloween and allow users to scare their friends who are part of the selfie generation.

The app captures the fun that can be saved for posterity.

See the app –

Funjabi Punjabi

This app was developed as a fun way for users to learn and develop their Punjabi language skills. The app is designed to help adults and children to practice speaking and reading Punjabi actively. It can also be used by Punjabi speakers to learn English.

See the app –

Festival Calendar

Designed to bring all the major holiday’s in one place, this app helps you keep on track of festivities around the world.


MyMedimate is a simple and innovative medical app that helps to organise and manage medicine for yourself or your loved ones, giving you peace of mind.

When anyone falls ill, it can be a stressful time for all concerned. MyMedimate helps to manage and remind you which medication to administer safely and at what time.


SnapShare allows you to capture and share your memories with your family and friends. Keep in touch with loved ones no matter where they are in the world.


Anoop Panesar

Business Development Manager

Digital marketing and tech specialist Anoop is a well-known figure in the Harrow and North London community. Currently the Operations Director for Aspiring Panda, the company uses cloud and development expertise to solve some of the toughest business challenges – which has recently included consulting with East African nations to provide sustainable farming.

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