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Why Email Is More Valuable Than Social Media

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Why Email Is More Valuable Than Social Media

Email marketing should be a key component of the modern digital marketing campaign; although not as trendy as social media, it has the potential to garner greater long term returns to the business.

This results from the fact that, although social media is a great way of building awareness of a business, it is transient. People engage with a message for a short period of time and then move on, this means that they can quickly forget about your business and will need regular reminding and interaction.

This is where email comes into its own. Email marketing is an opportunity to regularly contact people that have opted in to receiving regular updates about your business.

Therefore, many successful digital marketing funnels use social media as a driver towards the email list rather than to the company website or product pages.

Here are some of the factors that make email addresses more valuable than a like or follow on social media.

Build Relationships and Trust

The ability to build a relationship and trust with potential customers using email creates additional opportunities. This is because potential customers get to know your business over time and learn about what you do at their own pace.

Increase Revenue from Existing Customers

Email marketing can also be used to communicate with existing customers. This increases customer retention, and can in turn increase sales by promoting sales and other offers to existing customers.

Audience Segmentation

Email marketing also allows businesses to tailor their messages to specific sets of people that have shown an interest in a specific product or service. This tailoring of the message makes readers feel that communications are more relevant. This sense of personalised approach can drive sales.

Given the points above, we believe email marketing should be an important consideration when deciding the right digital marketing strategy for your business. There are many different pieces of software around that can help you run email marketing campaigns, we will cover these in more detail in future blogs.


Anoop Panesar

Business Development Manager

Digital marketing and tech specialist Anoop is a well-known figure in the Harrow and North London community. Currently the Operations Director for Aspiring Panda, the company uses cloud and development expertise to solve some of the toughest business challenges – which has recently included consulting with East African nations to provide sustainable farming.

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